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slam British & World English

Shut (a door, window, or lid) forcefully and loudly

body slam British & World English

A move (illegal in some codes) in which the opponent’s body is lifted and then thrown hard on to the floor

slam-bang British & World English

Exciting and energetic

slam dunk British & World English

A shot in which a player thrusts the ball down through the basket

grand slam British & World English

A set of major championships or matches in a particular sport in the same year, in particular tennis, golf, or rugby union

little slam British & World English

another term for small slam.

poetry slam British & World English

A competition using elimination rounds for the reading or performance of poetry

slam-dance British & World English

Take part in a form of dancing to rock music in which people deliberately collide with one another

small slam British & World English

The bidding and winning of twelve of the thirteen tricks

slam into in slam British & World English

Crash into; collide heavily with

slam-dunk in slam dunk British & World English

Thrust (the ball) down through the basket

slam English Thesaurus

he left the room, slamming the door behind him

slam English-Spanish

to slam the door

slam-bang English-Spanish


slam dunk English-Spanish

clavada fcanasta marcada metiendo el balón con fuerza desde arriba

grand slam English-Spanish

gran slam

slam-dancing English-Spanish

slam dancingbaile en que los participantes chocan deliberadamente unos con otros al son de la música rock

to slam the door shut in slam English-Spanish

cerrar* la puerta de un portazo

to slam the window shut in slam English-Spanish

cerrar* la ventana de un golpe

the door shut with a slam in slam English-Spanish

la puerta se cerró de un portazo

to slam the door in sb's face in door English-Spanish

darle* a algn con la puerta en las narices

you have to slam the door hard in hard English-Spanish

tienes que dar un portazo fuerte