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slight British & World English

Small in degree; inconsiderable

slight English Thesaurus

the chance of success is slight

slight English-Spanish

ligero, leve

a slight on sb English-Spanish

un desprecio

a slight on sth English-Spanish

un desprecio

of slight build in slight English-Spanish

de complexión delgada

to have a slight squint in squint English-Spanish

ser* un poco bizco, tener* un poco de estrabismo

he has a slight stoop in stoop English-Spanish

es un poco cargado de espaldas

their chances are slight in slight English-Spanish

tienen muy pocas posibilidades

a dish with a (slight) suggestion of saffron in suggestion English-Spanish

un plato con un ligerísimo sabor a azafrán

I felt a slight qualm (of conscience) in qualm English-Spanish

me dio cierto cargo de conciencia

hopes of finding her alive are slight in slight English-Spanish

las esperanzas de encontrarla con vida son escasas

there's a slight chance of her remembering in chance English-Spanish

podría ser que se acordara, existe una pequeña posibilidad de que se acuerde

there has been a slight change of plan in slight English-Spanish

ha habido un pequeño cambio de planes

there's been a slight hitch with the program in hitch English-Spanish

ha surgido una pequeña complicación

one of the panels/records has a slight warp in warp English-Spanish

uno de los paneles/discos está algo alabeado

the worst thing that can come of it is a slight delay in worst English-Spanish

lo peor que puede pasar es que haya un ligero retraso

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