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sling1 British & World English

A flexible strap or belt used in the form of a loop to support or raise a hanging weight

sling2 British & World English

A sweetened drink of spirits, especially gin, and water

gin sling British & World English

A drink of gin and water, sweetened and flavoured with lemon or lime juice

sling bag British & World English

An unstructured fabric shoulder bag

sling hash in sling1 British & World English

Serve food in a cafe or diner

sling beer British & World English

Work as a bartender

sling hash British & World English

Serve food in a cafe or diner

Singapore sling British & World English

A cocktail made from gin and cherry brandy

put someone's ass in a sling in sling1 British & World English

Cause someone to be (or be) in trouble

slingback British & World English

A shoe held in place by a strap around the ankle above the heel

slingshot British & World English

A handheld catapult

sling English Thesaurus

she had her arm in a sling

sling English-Spanish

cabestrillo m

baby sling English-Spanish

portabebés m

sling out English-Spanish

tirar (a la basura), botar (a la basura) AmL exc RPl

sling it (out) in sling English-Spanish

tíralo (a la basura), bótalo (a la basura)

to sling one's hook in hook English-Spanish

largarse* familiar/colloquial, pirarse, pintarse Méxfamiliar/colloquial, tomárselas RPlfamiliar/colloquial, envelárselas, pisarse Colfamiliar/colloquial

to have one's arm in a sling in sling English-Spanish

llevar el brazo en cabestrillo

to sling sth over one's arm/shoulder in over English-Spanish

colgarse* algo del brazo/hombro