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slit British & World English

A long, narrow cut or opening

slit in slit British & World English

Make a long, narrow cut in

slitted in slit British & World English

Form (one’s eyes) into slits; squint

gill slit British & World English

Any of a series of openings between the gill arches of a fish, through which water passes from the pharynx to the exterior, bathing the gills in the process

slit-eyed British & World English

Having long, narrow eyes, or eyes narrowed by squinting

slit lamp British & World English

A lamp which emits a narrow but intense beam of light, used for examining the interior of the eye

arrow slit British & World English

(Especially in a medieval fortified building) a narrow vertical slit in a wall for shooting or looking through or to admit light and air

slit pocket British & World English

A side pocket with a vertical opening

slit trench British & World English

A narrow trench for a soldier or a small group of soldiers and their equipment

slit English Thesaurus

make three diagonal slits in each side of the trout and season generously

slit English-Spanish

rendija f, hendidura f

slit-eyed English-Spanish

de ojos achinados

arrow slit English-Spanish

ventanucoen construcción medieval

slit trench English-Spanish

trinchera f

to slit sb's throat in slit English-Spanish

degollar* a algn, cortarle el pescuezo a algn