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smear British & World English

Coat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance

smear test British & World English

A test to detect signs of cervical cancer

cervical smear British & World English

A specimen of cellular material from the neck of the womb spread on a microscope slide for examination for cancerous cells or precancerous changes

smear campaign British & World English

A plan to discredit a public figure by making false accusations

smear English Thesaurus

the table was smeared with grease

smear English-Spanish

mancha feminine

cervical smear English-Spanish

citología feminine, Papanicolau masculineLatin America/América Latina

Pap smear in Pap test English-Spanish

citología feminine, frotis masculine, Papanicolau masculineLatin America/América Latina

smear (test) in smear English-Spanish

citología feminine, frotis masculine cervical, Papanicolau masculineLatin America/América Latina

don't smear my lipstick in smear English-Spanish

¡no me corras el lápiz de labios!

a vicious smear campaign in vicious English-Spanish

una despiadada campaña de difamación

he was the object of a smear campaign in object English-Spanish

fue objeto de una campaña de difamación