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smudge1 British & World English

Cause (something) to become messily smeared by rubbing it

smudge2 British & World English

A smoky outdoor fire that is lit to keep off insects or protect plants against frost

smudge pot British & World English

A container for a smudge (see smudge)

smudge English Thesaurus

there was a thick smudge of blood on his car

smudge English-Spanish

mancha feminine, manchón

smudge pot English-Spanish

brasero masculine

ink smudge in smudge English-Spanish

borrón masculine (de tinta)

a smudge of grease in smudge English-Spanish

una mancha de grasa, un lamparón

he had a smudge of lipstick on his collar in smudge English-Spanish

tenía una marca de lápiz de labios