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social British & World English

Relating to society or its organization

the social in social British & World English

short for social security.

social English Thesaurus

alcoholism is a major social problem

social care British & World English

The provision by society of what is necessary for the health and welfare of a person or group of people; specifically any of various types of support or supervision provided by social workers and allied professionals, typically (especially opposed to health care) excluding the medical treatment of existing conditions; (also, in later use) such provision considered as a profession or a subject for academic study.

social cost British & World English

The cost to society of a policy or innovation, considered in terms of illness, pollution, effort, etc.

social evil British & World English

Any problem or issue that adversely affects society; specifically (frequently with the) prostitution (now archaic).

social liar British & World English

A person who tells social lies.

social lie British & World English

An untrue statement intended to ease social relations; a white lie.

social life British & World English

A person's social interactions and activity considered as a whole.

social role British & World English

The characteristic or expected social function of a person or thing, especially in a particular situation or environment.

social tea British & World English

An informal gathering or tea party, usually held in the afternoon.

social will British & World English

The collective desires and intentions of a society or group as expressed by its members in general.

box social British & World English

A fundraising event in which box lunches are auctioned off

social fact British & World English

A thing originating in the institutions or culture of a society which affects the behaviour or attitudes of an individual member of that society

social fund British & World English

(In the UK) a social security fund from which loans or grants are made to people in need

social unit British & World English

An individual, or a group or community, considered as a discrete constituent of a society or larger group

social wage British & World English

The amenities provided within a society from public funds

social work British & World English

Work carried out by trained personnel with the aim of alleviating the conditions of those people in a community suffering from social deprivation

church social British & World English

An informal social gathering organized by the members of a church.

ethico-social British & World English

Both ethical and social in character; relating to both ethics and society.

micro-social British & World English

Of or relating to a small society or community.

pseudo-social British & World English

Exhibiting or designating apparently social behaviour that arises from individual reactions to a personal need or external stimulus, rather than from genuinely social impulses; (more generally) seemingly sociable or friendly.

quasi-social British & World English

(Of an activity or relationship) having some but not all of the features that would identify it as genuinely social; having a social aspect but with some other purpose or motivation; Zoology (especially with reference to insects and spiders) exhibiting some of the characteristics of social organization, especially cooperative brood care.

social action British & World English

Deliberate action that results or is intended to result in a change in the institutions or conditions of social life; an instance of this.

social audit British & World English

(Originally) an audit of social aspects of the operations of an institution or organization; (now chiefly) a formal assessment of a company's operations with respect to social issues such as working conditions or environmental impact.

social centre British & World English

A place in which people gather for communal and recreational activities; (now chiefly) a building designed for this purpose.

social change British & World English

A change in the customs, institutions, or culture of a society, especially due to ideological or technological factors; also as a mass noun.

social climb1 British & World English

An ascent to a higher social status, especially acceptance in fashionable society.

social climb2 British & World English

To attain a higher social status, especially acceptance in fashionable society, frequently by means considered disreputable.

social cycle British & World English

A four-wheeled pedal cycle seating two or three people side by side.

social drink British & World English

An alcoholic drink taken in company, as part of a social situation or occasion; now especially one taken chiefly in order to be sociable.

social group British & World English

A number of individuals associated or aggregated together to a greater or lesser degree, either because they share certain features, as class, ethnicity, etc., or (especially Social Sciences) because they are bound together by patterns of interaction.

social order British & World English

Orderliness within society.

social phobia British & World English

An irrational fear held by a society as a whole (rare).

social skills British & World English

Skills required for successful social interaction.

social space British & World English

Space available or intended for social interaction. As a count noun: an area set aside for social interaction.

social survey British & World English

A comprehensive examination of some aspect of the social life, history, problems, etc., of a particular locality.

social system British & World English

A set of interdependent relationships, customs, and institutions that constitute a society.

social table British & World English

A small, kidney-shaped wine table with four legs, often with a receptacle or compartment for wine bottles.

social weaver British & World English

Any of various small, colonially-nesting African weaver birds, especially (usually) the sociable weaver, Philetairus socius, and (less commonly) either of two birds of the genus Pseudonigrita, Ps. arnaudi and Ps. cabainisi.

social class British & World English

A division of a society based on social and economic status

social credit British & World English

The economic theory that consumer purchasing power should be increased either by subsidizing producers so that they can lower prices or by distributing the profits of industry to consumers

social gaming British & World English

The activity or practice of playing an online game on a social media platform

social gospel British & World English

Christian faith practised as a call not just to personal conversion but to social reform

social graph British & World English

A representation of the interconnection of relationships in an online social network

social media British & World English

Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking

social scale British & World English

The hierarchical structure of society or of a society

social status British & World English

A person’s standing or importance in relation to other people within a society

ice-cream social British & World English

A social gathering at which ice cream (and sometimes other food) is served, especially one organized by a church or school as a fund-raising event.

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