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socialism British & World English

A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole

eco-socialism British & World English

Socialism concerned specifically with ecological issues, based on the belief that capitalism is harmful to both society and the environment. (Originally in the context of German politics.).

state socialism British & World English

A political system in which the state has control of industries and services

African socialism British & World English

A form of socialism specific to or adapted for Africa and its culture; specifically (sometimes with capital initials) the name of a kind of socialism developed in the 1960s by President Nyerere of Tanzania.

market socialism British & World English

An economic system in which the state retains control of the economy as a whole and the ownership of some major industries, while allowing considerable scope for private enterprise and the operation of market mechanisms.

National Socialism British & World English

The political doctrine of the Nazi Party of Germany

utopian socialism British & World English

Socialism achieved by the moral persuasion of capitalists to surrender the means of production peacefully to the people. It was advocated by Johann Fichte and Robert Owen among others

democratic socialism British & World English

A form of socialism pursued by democratic rather than autocratic or revolutionary means, especially by respecting a democratically elected legislature as the source of political change; (also more generally) moderate or centrist socialism.

municipal socialism British & World English

The provision and ownership of public services and amenities in a particular city by an autonomous city council, funded by local taxes.

scientific socialism British & World English

In Marxist theory: a form of socialism based on an empirical and historical analysis of the economic and political factors necessary for social change; especially. Marxism itself. Opposed to utopian socialism.