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sofa British & World English

A long upholstered seat with a back and arms, for two or more people

sofa bed British & World English

A sofa that can be converted into a bed, typically for occasional use

Knole sofa British & World English

A sofa with adjustable sides which allow it to be converted into a bed

sofa English-Spanish

sofá m

sofá Spanish-English

sofa, settee, couch

a tired old sofa in tired English-Spanish

un viejo y gastado sofá

a four-seater (car/sofa) in -seater English-Spanish

un coche/sofá de cuatro plazas

what a comfy sofa/coat! in comfy English-Spanish

¡qué sofá más mullidito/abrigo más calentito!

coloca el sofá esquinado in esquinado Spanish-English

put the sofa across the corner

deja de sobar el sofá in sobar Spanish-English

stop putting your dirty hands all over the sofa

el sofá está muy usado in usado Spanish-English

the sofa is really shabby, the sofa has seen better days

se despatarró en el sofá in despatarrarse Spanish-English

he sprawled on the sofa with his legs wide apart

estaba recostado en el sofá in recostar Spanish-English

he was lying down on the sofa

he bled all over the sofa in bleed English-Spanish

manchó de sangre todo el sofá

¿cómo van a entrar el sofá? in entrar Spanish-English

how are they going to get the sofa in?

este sofá ocupa demasiado sitio in sitio Spanish-English

this sofa takes up too much room

she stretched catlike on the sofa in catlike English-Spanish

se estiró en el sofá como un gato

he was sprawling all over the sofa in sprawl English-Spanish

estaba tumbado en el sofá todo despatarrado

voy a cambiar el sofá de lugar in cambiar Spanish-English

I'm going to put the sofa somewhere else

se echó con desidia en el sofá in desidia Spanish-English

she flopped lethargically onto the sofa

el sofá tiene el tapizado sucio in tener Spanish-English

the upholstery on the sofa is dirty

sacaron el sofá por la ventana in sacar Spanish-English

they got the sofa out through the window

she gave me a discount on the sofa in discount English-Spanish

me hizo un descuento en el precio del sofá

the armchairs and sofa were a mismatch in mismatch English-Spanish

los sillones y el sofá no hacían juego

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