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sola1 British & World English

An Indian swamp plant of the pea family, with stems that yield the pith that is used to make sola topis

sola2 British & World English

Feminine form of solus.

sola in solus British & World English

Alone or unaccompanied (used especially as a stage direction)

sola topi British & World English

A sun hat made from the pith of the stems of sola plants, formerly worn in India

habla sola in solo Spanish-English

she talks to herself

de una (sola) pieza in pieza Spanish-English

dumbstruck, flabbergasted

la puerta se cerró de golpe/sola in cerrar Spanish-English

the door slammed shut/closed by itself

me da corte ir sola in corte Spanish-English

I'm embarrassed to go by myself

¿pudiste hacerlo sola? in poder Spanish-English

did you manage to do it

ser de una sola línea in línea Spanish-English

to be straight (as a die)

al verlo se quedó de una (sola) pieza in pieza Spanish-English

she was (absolutely) flabbergasted

ser de una sola pieza in pieza Spanish-English

to be as straight as a die, be an upright citizen

hay una sola dificultad in solo Spanish-English

there's just one problem

asistió a una sola clase in asistir Spanish-English

he only came/went to one class, he only attended one class

¿cuánto cuesta la ida sola? in ida Spanish-English

how much is a one-way, how much does it cost one way?

la pobre está siempre sola in pobre Spanish-English

the poor thing's always on her own

es mentirosa como ella sola in solo Spanish-English

she's the biggest liar I know

no se adapta a vivir sola in adaptar Spanish-English

she can't adapt to living alone

no pretenderás hacerlo tú sola in pretender Spanish-English

you're not going to try to do it

no sabe bajar sola del caballo in bajar Spanish-English

she can't get down off the horse

me lo dijo de una manera que me dejó de una (sola) pieza in pieza Spanish-English

he said it so rudely that I was left speechless

cuando se fue me quedé muy sola in quedar Spanish-English

when he left I felt very lonely

no me gusta quedarme sola en casa in quedar Spanish-English

I don't like being (left) on my own

quiso hacerlo sola pero no pudo in querer Spanish-English

she tried to do it on her own but she couldn't

es muy desenvuelta y puede viajar sola in desenvuelto Spanish-English

she can travel on her own, she's quite capable of looking after herself

no me hace muy feliz que vaya sola in feliz Spanish-English

I'm not very happy about her going on her own

su sola presencia les inspiraba terror in inspirar Spanish-English

his mere presence filled them with fear

no me gusta salir sola por la noche in noche Spanish-English

I don't like going out on my own at night

para una persona sola da pereza cocinar in solo Spanish-English

cooking is a real effort when you are on your own, cooking for one

te lo presto con una sola condición in solo Spanish-English

I'll lend it to you on one condition

quería hacerlo sola pero no habría podido in querer Spanish-English

she wanted to do it on her own but she wouldn't have been able to

me llamó la atención que estuviera sola/no verlo allí in atención Spanish-English

I was surprised she was alone/not to see him there

si tuviese dinero, descarado que me iría a vivir sola in descarado Spanish-English

you can bet your life if I had the money, I'd go off and live alone

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