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solo British & World English

A thing done by one person unaccompanied, in particular:

solos in solo British & World English

A piece of vocal or instrumental music or a dance, or a part or passage in one, for one performer

solo whist in solo British & World English

A card game resembling whist in which the players make bids and the highest bidder plays against the others in an attempt to win a specified number of tricks

solo stop British & World English

An organ stop especially suitable for imitating a solo performance on another instrument

solo climbing British & World English

The sport of climbing unaided by ropes and other equipment, and without the assistance of other people

solo English Thesaurus

a solo flight

solo English-Spanish

solo m

solo Spanish-English

no conoce a nadie en la ciudad, está muy solo

café solo Spanish-English

black coffee

café solo Spanish-English

black coffee

vive solo in vivir Spanish-English

he lives alone

solo (whist) in solo English-Spanish

whisten el que cada uno de los cuatro jugadores se enfrenta a los otros tres

to go solo in solo English-Spanish

lanzarse* como solista

solo climber in solo English-Spanish

escalador solitario, escaladora solitaria

to fly solo in solo English-Spanish

volar* en solitario

pintárselas solo in pintar Spanish-English

to be an expert, to be a past master

solo por encargo in encargo Spanish-English

must be ordered in advance

a solo for piano in solo English-Spanish

un solo para piano

solo dice baboserías in babosería Spanish-English

he talks nothing but drivel

solo distingo bultos in bulto Spanish-English

I can only make out vague shapes

es solo un cariño in cariño Spanish-English

it's just a little something

sabe divertirse solo in divertir Spanish-English

he knows how to keep himself amused, he is good at entertaining

solo como un hongo in hongo Spanish-English

as lonely as a cloud

solo quería ayudarte in solo Spanish-English

I only wanted to help, I was only

es solo un momento in solo Spanish-English

it will only take a moment

a violin/piano solo in solo English-Spanish

un solo de violín/piano

solo cenó una tortilla in cenar Spanish-English

he only had an omelet for dinner

solo estaré unos días in estar Spanish-English

I'll only be staying a few days, I'll only be here/there a few days

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