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solve British & World English

Find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with (a problem or mystery)

solve English Thesaurus

that doesn't solve our immediate problem

solve English-Spanish


to solve a crime in solve English-Spanish

esclarecer* un crimen

to solve a riddle in solve English-Spanish

encontrar* la solución a una adivinanza/un enigma

it's an easy problem to solve in easy English-Spanish

es un problema fácil de resolver

they trust him to solve any problems in trust English-Spanish

confían en que les solucione cualquier problema

you can't solve the problem by throwing money at it in throw English-Spanish

el problema no lo vas a resolver gastando sin ton ni son

it is one thing to identify the problem, quite another to solve it in thing English-Spanish

una cosa es identificar el problema y otra muy distinta resolverlo