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space British & World English

A continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied

commercial space in space British & World English

An area rented or sold as business premises

space English Thesaurus

there was not enough space for them all

mark–space British & World English

Attributive designating an electronic communication system in which information is conveyed by the intermittent presence and absence of a signal.

bed-space British & World English

A space in which an individual bed is or is intended to be placed, especially regarded as an area belonging to the bed's occupant, and including the other furniture, possessions, etc., normally adjacent to it.

space gun British & World English

A large gun which projects a spacecraft into space.

space lab British & World English

= space laboratory; specifically (as Spacelab) one carried into earth orbit by the American space shuttle between 1983 and 1998.

space age British & World English

The era starting when the exploration of space became possible

space bar British & World English

A long key on a typewriter or computer keyboard for making a space between words

disc space British & World English

Medicine the space between adjacent vertebral bodies (normally occupied by an intervertebral disc), especially as seen on a radiograph of the spine.

file space British & World English

The storage space available for paper files.

near space British & World English

Space in the immediate vicinity of the earth; = inner.

null-space British & World English

A space composed of all quantities that are transformed into zero by some given transformation.

open space British & World English

In early use: a space little obstructed by trees, buildings, etc.; a clearing. Later also: specifically a park, garden, etc., without buildings in the midst of an urban area; especially an area designated as such by a municipal authority, government, etc.

space-ager British & World English

A person living in the space age.

space-agey British & World English

Relating to or characteristic of the space age.

space-borne British & World English

Travelling or carried through space.

space-bound1 British & World English

Bound or limited by the properties of space.

space-bound2 British & World English

Heading to outer space; destined for (use in) space.

space cabin British & World English

A chamber designed to support human life in space; the crew's quarters in a spacecraft.

space cake British & World English

A cake containing cannabis, eaten as an intoxicant.

space club British & World English

A notional group made up of nations with successful space programmes; (also occasionally) a consortium of nations formed to cooperate in space research and development.

space curve British & World English

A curve that is not confined to a single plane.

space-dyed British & World English

Designating yarn or thread which is dyed in two or more colours at alternating intervals along its length.

space fleet British & World English

A fleet of spacecraft.

space flyer British & World English

A spacecraft (rare).

space lift British & World English

An act of transporting goods or personnel in space.

space-like British & World English

Resembling or having the properties of space; specifically designating an interval between two points in space-time that can in principle be observed to be separated only by space (that is, to occur at the same point in time as seen by a moving observer); relating to such an interval.

space music British & World English

Music which seeks to convey an impression of space or spatial organization, or to evoke outer space.

space-order British & World English

An ordering of points, objects, or events in space.

space relay British & World English

A radio relay station set in space.

space rock British & World English

A type of progressive rock music characterized by ambient instrumental passages and themes taken from science fiction.

space saver British & World English

Something which takes up as little space as possible or is designed to make the most economical use of available room.

space-sick British & World English

Suffering from space sickness.

space stage British & World English

An abstract stage set with little or no scenery, on which lighting effects are typically used to focus on the significant action and suggest different settings.

space wave British & World English

A wave in three dimension (as opposed to one confined to a plane or a surface).

time-space British & World English

Time and space regarded as a single entity; specifically = space-time.

white space British & World English

Typography the blank areas of a page or other piece of printed matter, as margins, gutters between columns, etc., regarded collectively as an element of layout and design.

crawl space British & World English

An area of limited height under a floor or roof, giving access to wiring and plumbing

crush space British & World English

Space in a motor vehicle between occupants and a point of impact that can absorb some of the shock of collision

deep space British & World English

Another term for outer space.

floor space British & World English

A continuous area or expanse of floor which is free or available

free space British & World English

Space unoccupied by matter or, more particularly, containing no electromagnetic or gravitational field and used as a reference

green space British & World English

An area of grass, trees, or other vegetation set apart for recreational or aesthetic purposes in an otherwise urban environment

hair space British & World English

A very thin space between letters or words

inner space British & World English

The region between the earth and outer space, or below the surface of the sea

outer space British & World English

The physical universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere

phase space British & World English

A multidimensional space in which each axis corresponds to one of the coordinates required to specify the state of a physical system, all the coordinates being thus represented so that a point in the space corresponds to a state of the system

space cadet British & World English

A trainee astronaut

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