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spaghetti British & World English

Pasta made in solid strings, between macaroni and vermicelli in thickness

spaghetti strap British & World English

A thin shoulder strap on an item of women’s clothing

spaghetti junction British & World English

A complex multi-level road junction (in the UK, applied typically to a major traffic interchange on the M6 near Birmingham)

spaghetti squash British & World English

Another term for vegetable spaghetti.

spaghetti western British & World English

A western film made cheaply in Europe by an Italian director

spaghetti bolognese British & World English

Spaghetti served with a sauce of minced beef, tomato, onion, and herbs

vegetable spaghetti British & World English

An edible squash of a variety with slightly stringy flesh which when cooked has a texture and appearance like that of spaghetti

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