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stove1 British & World English

An apparatus for cooking or heating that operates by burning fuel or using electricity

stove2 British & World English

Past and past participle of stave.

stove in stave British & World English

Break something by forcing it inwards or piercing it roughly

hot-stove British & World English

Denoting a discussion about a favourite sport carried on during the off season

wood stove British & World English

A heater or stove that is fuelled by wood; a wood burner

Yukon stove British & World English

A lightweight portable stove consisting of a small metal box divided into firebox and oven

pellet stove British & World English

A stove used for heating which burns pellets made of wood or other organic materials

stove enamel British & World English

A heatproof enamel produced by heat treatment in a stove, or a paint imitating it

Franklin stove British & World English

A large cast-iron stove for heating a room, resembling an open fireplace in shape

pot-bellied stove British & World English

A small bulbous-sided wood-burning stove

hot-stove league British & World English

Sports fans, especially baseball fans in the off season, who discuss players, teams, and the upcoming season

stovetop British & World English

The upper surface of a cooking stove, including the burners

stovepipe British & World English

The pipe taking the smoke and gases from a stove up through a roof or to a chimney

stove English-Spanish

cocina feminine, estufa feminineColombiaMexico/México

stove in English-Spanish

→ stave in

Primus® stove in Primus® English-Spanish

hornillo, Primus®, anafe masculine

the stove burns gas in burn English-Spanish

la cocina funciona a

I've been slaving over a hot stove all afternoon and you say you're not hungry! in slave English-Spanish

¡me he estado matando en la cocina toda la tarde y me dices que no tienes hambre!