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subjective British & World English

Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions

subjective English Thesaurus

standards can be judged on quantitative data rather than on subjective opinion

subjective part British & World English

A part of which the corresponding whole is predicated.

subjective method British & World English

Any of various methods based on or emphasizing subjective experience, consciousness, impressions, etc.

subjective genitive British & World English

(A construction involving) a modifying noun in the genitive case which would be the subject of the resultant clause if the noun modified by it were converted into a corresponding verb.

subjective idealism British & World English

Any of various forms of idealism in which the objects of knowledge are thought to consist of the ideas of, or to be dependent on the cognitive activity of, the individual knower.

intersubjective British & World English

Existing between conscious minds; shared by more than one conscious mind