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success British & World English

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose

non-success British & World English

Failure to accomplish an aim or purpose; lack of success

success story British & World English

A successful person or thing

nothing succeeds like success British & World English

Success leads to opportunities for further and greater successes

roaring British & World English

Very obviously or unequivocally the thing mentioned (used for emphasis)

nothing succeeds like success in succeed British & World English

Success leads to opportunities for further and greater successes

success English Thesaurus

we are very encouraged by the success of the scheme

success English-Spanish

éxito masculine

success story English-Spanish

éxito masculine

without success in success English-Spanish

sin (ningún) éxito

success breeds success in breed English-Spanish

el éxito llama al éxito

success eluded him in elude English-Spanish

el éxito le era esquivo

emboldened by success in embolden English-Spanish

envalentonado por el éxito

he has known poverty/success in know English-Spanish

ha conocido la pobreza/el éxito

a big success/effort in big English-Spanish

un gran éxito/esfuerzo

her first real success in real English-Spanish

su primer éxito de importancia

their worship of wealth/success in worship English-Spanish

su culto a la riqueza/al éxito

his success delighted them in delight English-Spanish

su éxito los llenó de alegría

flushed with success/joy in flushed English-Spanish

exaltado por el éxito/la alegría

he resented her success in resent English-Spanish

le molestaba que ella tuviera éxito, se sentía contrariado por su éxito

a steppingstone to success in steppingstone English-Spanish

un peldaño en el camino del éxito

that was no small achievement/success in small English-Spanish

ese fue un logro/éxito considerable

success in one's career in success English-Spanish

el éxito en la vida profesional

the worshipers of success in worshiper English-Spanish

quienes rinden culto al éxito

I am ambitious of success in ambitious English-Spanish

aspiro a triunfar, ambiciono triunfar

a sure formula for success in formula English-Spanish

una receta infalible para tener éxito

I savored the sweet taste of revenge/success in savor English-Spanish

saboreé el placer de la venganza/las mieles del éxito

freedom/success tastes good in taste English-Spanish

la libertad/el éxito deja buen sabor de boca

the play's success was assured in assured English-Spanish

la obra tenía el éxito asegurado

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