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sucker British & World English

A person or thing that sucks, in particular:

shark-sucker British & World English

another term for remora.

sucker punch British & World English

An unexpected punch or blow

there's one born every minute British & World English

There are many gullible people

sapsucker British & World English

An American woodpecker that pecks rows of small holes in trees and visits them for sap and insects

bloodsucker British & World English

An animal or insect that sucks blood, especially a leech or a mosquito

goatsucker British & World English

another term for nightjar.

thumbsucker British & World English

A serious piece of journalism which concentrates on the background and interpretation of events rather than on the news or action

sucker-punch in sucker punch British & World English

Hit (someone) with an unexpected punch or blow

sucker English-Spanish

imbécil mf

bum-sucker English-Spanish

lameculos mfvulgar, lamehuevos mfMéx vulg

to play sb for a sucker in sucker English-Spanish

engañar a algn como a un chino familiar/colloquial

I'm a sucker for musicals in sucker English-Spanish

las comedias musicales son mi debilidad

the poor sucker believed her in sucker English-Spanish

el pobre imbécil le créyo