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sudden British & World English

Occurring or done quickly and unexpectedly or without warning

sudden death British & World English

A means of deciding the winner in a tied match, especially one in which the first side or player to concede a game, goal, or point during an additional period of play is the loser

sudden oak death British & World English

A disease of various oaks and other forest trees, sometimes resulting in sudden death as a result of bark cankers that encircle the trunk

sudden infant death syndrome British & World English

Technical term for cot death.

on a sudden in sudden British & World English

archaic way of saying all of a sudden.

sudden English Thesaurus

a sudden downpour took us by surprise

sudden English-Spanish

repentino, súbito

sudden death English-Spanish

muerte feminine súbita

sudden cardiac arrest English-Spanish

paro cardiaco súbito

sudden infant death syndrome English-Spanish

síndrome masculine de muerte infantil súbita

a sudden drop in drop English-Spanish

una caída abrupta

all of a sudden in sudden English Thesaurus

when you win awards, all of a sudden magazines will call and want your opinion

all of a sudden in sudden English-Spanish

de repente, de pronto, repentinamente

isn't this all rather sudden? in sudden English-Spanish

¿esto no es un poco apresurado

a sudden hush fell over the crowd in fall English-Spanish

de repente se hizo el silencio entre la multitud

the car came to a sudden halt in halt English-Spanish

el coche se detuvo de repente

the sudden stop jolted me out of my seat in jolt English-Spanish

el frenazo repentino me hizo salir disparado del asiento

his sudden rage came out of left field in left field English-Spanish

de repente se enfureció sin venir a cuento

her sudden lapse into silence surprised me in lapse English-Spanish

su repentino silencio me sorprendió

there was a sudden movement in the bushes in movement English-Spanish

de repente algo se movió entre los arbustos

all of a sudden the door opened and … in open English-Spanish

de pronto se abrió la puerta y …

she felt a sudden stab of guilt/regret in stab English-Spanish

la acometió un sentimiento de culpabilidad/de arrepentimiento

I had a sudden, wild impulse to start shouting in impulse English-Spanish

de repente me entraron unas ganas locas de ponerme a gritar

there was a sudden outburst of shouting/applause in outburst English-Spanish

de repente se oyeron unos gritos/el público prorrumpió en aplausos

his sudden change of mind cut the ground from under me in ground English-Spanish

su inesperado cambio de opinión echó por tierra todos mis planes

she'll be quite happy and all of a sudden she'll burst out crying in will English-Spanish

es capaz de estar de lo más contenta y de repente echarse a llorar

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