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suggestion British & World English

An idea or plan put forward for consideration

self-suggestion British & World English

Another term for autosuggestion.

autosuggestion British & World English

The hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea which one has originated oneself

suggestion English Thesaurus

there are some suggestions for tackling this problem

suggestion English-Spanish

sugerencia feminine

suggestion in hint English Thesaurus

he had given no hint that he was going to leave

suggestion in innuendo English Thesaurus

he became the butt for their smutty innuendoes

suggestion in insinuation English Thesaurus

he winced at the insinuation that he was past it

suggestion in suggestion English Thesaurus

there are some suggestions for tackling this problem

he balked at the suggestion in balk English-Spanish

se mostró reacio a aceptar la sugerencia

may I make a suggestion? in make English-Spanish

¿puedo hacer una sugerencia?, ¿puedo sugerir algo?

might I make a suggestion? in might English-Spanish

si se me permite (hacer) una sugerencia …, ¿podría hacer una sugerencia?

if I may offer a suggestion in suggestion English-Spanish

si se me permite hacer una sugerencia, si se me permite proponer

may I make a tentative suggestion? in tentative English-Spanish

¿podría, si me permiten, hacer una sugerencia?

I bought it at my wife's suggestion in suggestion English-Spanish

lo compré porque mi mujer me lo sugirió, lo compré a instancias de mi mujer

there was no suggestion of foul play in suggestion English-Spanish

no había indicios de que se hubiese cometido un crimen

they didn't take kindly to my suggestion in kindly English-Spanish

no recibieron demasiado bien mi sugerencia

may I be permitted to make a suggestion? in permit English-Spanish

¿me permiten que haga una sugerencia?

there is no suggestion of any change in policy in suggestion English-Spanish

no hay ningún indicio de un cambio de política

a dish with a (slight) suggestion of saffron in suggestion English-Spanish

un plato con un ligerísimo sabor a azafrán

in the absence of suitable alternatives/a better suggestion in absence English-Spanish

a falta de alternativas adecuadas/una sugerencia mejor

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