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suicide British & World English

The action of killing oneself intentionally

suicide English Thesaurus

she committed suicide

suicide gene British & World English

An introduced gene that causes a tumor cell to produce an enzyme that will attract a drug lethal to the tumor

suicide note British & World English

A message left by a person before taking or attempting to take their own life

suicide pact British & World English

An agreement between two or more people to commit suicide together

suicide barrier British & World English

A fencelike structure or horizontal net attached to a bridge, tower, or other tall building to prevent suicide attempts

suicide squeeze British & World English

An act of running for home by a runner on third base as the ball is pitched

assisted suicide British & World English

Suicide effected with the assistance of another person, especially the taking of lethal drugs provided by a doctor for the purpose by a patient suffering from a terminal illness or incurable condition

parasuicide British & World English

Apparent attempted suicide without the actual intention of killing oneself