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surf British & World English

The mass or line of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore or reef

surf beat British & World English

Oceanography. The slow rise and fall of sea level at a shoreline at a frequency lower than that of ordinary wind waves, attributed to the interaction of waves of different wavelength.

surf boat British & World English

A boat specially designed for use in heavy surf, and typically employed for landing passengers and goods from a larger craft lying offshore, or (now usually) for lifesaving.

surf-bum British & World English

A surfing enthusiast; a person who habitually spends time surfing, or participating in surf culture.

surf-cast British & World English

To fish by casting a line into the sea from the shore.

surf clam British & World English

Any of several marine bivalve molluscs constituting the genus Spisula (family Mactridae) (also called triangle shell); especially the large and edible S. solidissima of the west Atlantic, and S. solida of the north-east Atlantic.

surf day British & World English

A day on which the surf is especially rough; specifically one on which it is difficult or impossible to load or land cargo at a port.

surf duck British & World English

Any scoter (sea duck) of the genus Melanitta; especially the surf scoter, M. perspicillata.

surf line British & World English

The point at which waves approaching a shore begin to break or form surf; the line of white foamy water produced by this.

surf punk British & World English

A person affiliated with surf culture, especially a surfer who holds attitudes associated with punk rock.

surf-ride1 British & World English

An act of riding on or over surf.

surf-ride2 British & World English

= surf. Also (occasionally) with object In later use frequently figurative and in figurative contexts.

surf shop British & World English

A shop which sells clothing and equipment for the beach; (in later use) specifically a shop which sells surfing equipment, clothing, etc.

surf ski British & World English

A type of long, narrow, lightweight kayak designed for travelling through surf at speed.

surf wax British & World English

Wax applied to the deck of a surfboard to provide traction.

surf zone British & World English

The area of water lying between the shore and the surf line, characterized by white foamy water produced by breaking waves.

surf club British & World English

An organization of lifeguards in charge of safety on a particular beach

surf-bather British & World English

A person who swims in surf.

surf-grass British & World English

Any of several marine grasses of the genus Phyllospadix (family Zosteraceae), having thickened rootstocks and slender stems, and growing underwater on rocky shores in temperate regions.

surf report British & World English

A report of current surfing conditions delivered via radio, the Internet, etc.

surf-rider British & World English

A person who surf-rides; a surfer.

surf scoter British & World English

A large sea duck, Melanitta perspicillata, the male of which is black with white patches on the head and a yellow bill, breeding in northern North America and seen occasionally in western Europe.

surf shorts British & World English

Shorts designed to be worn at the beach; swimming trunks; (in later use) specifically = board shorts.

surf skiing British & World English

The action or sport of paddling a surf ski.

surf smelt British & World English

A marine smelt, Hypomesus pretiosus (family Osmeridae), of the west coast of North America, which spawns in the surf during the day.

couch-surf British & World English

Stay temporarily in a series of other people’s homes, typically making use of improvised sleeping arrangements

crowd-surf British & World English

Be passed in a prone position over the heads of the audience at a rock concert, typically after having jumped from the stage

surf beach British & World English

A beach that is popular with surfers

surf music British & World English

A style of popular music originating in the US in the early 1960s, characterized by high harmony vocals and typically having lyrics relating to surfing

surf patrol British & World English

A group of lifeguards monitoring swimmers' safety within a designated section of beach

surf-riding British & World English

Another term for surfing111.

shoulder surf British & World English

To engage in shoulder surfing.

surf boatman British & World English

A member of the crew of a surf boat; a person skilled at managing a boat in heavy surf.

surf culture British & World English

The subculture associated with surfing and surfers; especially the language, fashion, music, etc., characteristic of the surfing lifestyle.

surf swimmer British & World English

(In early use) = surfer (now rare); (later more generally) a person skilled at swimming in rough surf.

surf swimming British & World English

(In early use) = surfing; (later more generally) the action or practice of swimming in surf.

surf whiting British & World English

The Gulf kingfish, Menticirrhus littoralis (family Sciaenidae), a silvery fish found close to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.

channel-surf British & World English

Another term for channel-hop111.

surf carnival British & World English

A competitive display of the skills of members of a surf lifesaving club

surf lifesaving British & World English

The action or process of saving a person from drowning in the surf; the skills and activities of a surf lifesaver; chiefly attributive.

surf 'n' turf British & World English

A dish containing both seafood and meat, typically shellfish and steak

surf lifesaving club British & World English

A voluntary organization formed to safeguard swimmers and surfers

egosurf British & World English

Search the Internet for instances of one’s own name or links to one’s own website

bodysurf British & World English

Float on the crest of incoming waves without using a board

surfcasting British & World English

Fishing by casting a line into the sea from the shore

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