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surge British & World English

A sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially by a crowd or by a natural force such as the tide

storm surge British & World English

A rising of the sea as a result of wind and atmospheric pressure changes associated with a storm

surge tank British & World English

A tank connected to a pipe carrying a liquid and intended to neutralize sudden changes of pressure in the flow by filling when the pressure increases and emptying when it drops

surge chamber British & World English

Another term for surge tank.

surge English Thesaurus

a surge of water

surge English-Spanish

the surge of the sea

storm surge English-Spanish

marejada feminine ciclónica

a power surge in surge English-Spanish

una subida de tensión

to surge ahead in surge English-Spanish

tomar la delantera

a surge of people in surge English-Spanish

una oleada de gente

to surge ahead of sb in surge English-Spanish

adelantársele a algn

a surge in demand/sales in surge English-Spanish

un repentino aumento de la demanda/las ventas

del informe surge que … in surgir Spanish-English

the report shows that …

he felt a surge of anger in surge English-Spanish

sintió que lo invadía un sentimiento de ira

¿qué surge de todo esto? in surgir Spanish-English

what can be deduced from all this?

we felt a new surge of hope in surge English-Spanish

sentimos renacer nuestras esperanzas

I was carried along by the surge of the crowd in surge English-Spanish

me vi arrastrada por una marea de gente