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suspension British & World English

The action of suspending someone or something or the condition of being suspended

suspension English Thesaurus

the government announced the suspension of army operations

air suspension British & World English

A system of vehicle suspension using compressed air to damp vibrations.

sports suspension British & World English

Suspension fitted to high-performance vehicles, typically stiffer than that found in ordinary vehicles, having the effect of keeping the tyres in contact with the road more effectively, giving the vehicle better handling.

suspension bridge British & World English

A bridge in which the weight of the deck is supported by vertical cables suspended from further cables that run between towers and are anchored in abutments at each end

suspension feeder British & World English

An aquatic animal which feeds on particles of organic matter suspended in the water, especially a bottom-dwelling filter feeder

mark of suspension British & World English

A written character used to indicate that a word has been contracted.

independent suspension British & World English

A form of vehicle suspension in which each wheel is supported independently of the others