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synthesis British & World English

The combination of components or elements to form a connected whole

synthesis English Thesaurus

this painting is a synthesis of elements derived from a variety of different types of ancient art

synthesis gas British & World English

A mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen produced industrially, especially from coal, and used as a feedstock in making synthetic chemicals

speech synthesis British & World English

The process of generating spoken language by machine on the basis of written input

Perkin's reaction British & World English

Any of a number of reactions discovered by Perkin, especially that in which, typically, an arylacrylic acid is formed by the condensation of an aromatic aldehyde with the anhydride of an aliphatic acid, in the presence of the sodium salt of the latter.

malonic ester synthesis in malonic ester British & World English

The diethyl ester, CH2(COOC2H5)2, of malonic acid, which is a liquid widely used in synthesis, as of carboxylic acids RR′C(COOH)2 or RR′CHCOOH by alkylation with alkyl halides (malonic ester synthesis).

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