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tail1 British & World English

The hindmost part of an animal, especially when prolonged beyond the rest of the body, such as the flexible extension of the backbone in a vertebrate, the feathers at the hind end of a bird, or a terminal appendage in an insect

tail2 British & World English

Limitation of ownership, especially of an estate or title limited to a person and their direct descendants

tail English Thesaurus

the dog's tail began to wag frantically

tail New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

blank space at the bottom of a page

a piece of ass British & World English

A woman regarded as sexually attractive

tail in margin New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

the four margins of a page are called back or gutter (at the binding), head (at the top), fore-edge (opposite the binding), and tail (at the foot)

cat's tail British & World English

A plant with long, thin parts suggestive of cats' tails, in particular:

coat-tail British & World English

Each of the flaps formed by the back of a tailcoat

fee tail British & World English

A type of tenure in land with restrictions (entailments) regarding the line of heirs to whom it may be willed

long tail British & World English

(In retail and marketing) used to refer to the large number of products that sell in small quantities, as contrasted with the small number of best-selling products

rat-tail British & World English

A narrow hairless tail like that of a rat, or something that resembles one

ruby-tail British & World English

A small metallic cuckoo wasp that is typically greenish-blue with an orange-red tip to the abdomen. Its larvae feed on the eggs and larvae of its host

tail back British & World English

(Of traffic) become congested and form a tailback

tail off British & World English

Gradually diminish in amount, strength, or intensity

tail bone British & World English

Less technical term for coccyx.

tail boom British & World English

A main spar of several making up the longitudinal framework carrying the tail of an aeroplane when not supported by the fuselage

tail comb British & World English

A comb with a tapering tail or handle used in styling to lift, divide, or curl the hair

tail end British & World English

The last or hindmost part of something

tail fin British & World English

A fin at the posterior extremity of a fish’s body, typically continuous with the tail

tail gas British & World English

Gas produced in a refinery and not required for further processing

tail male British & World English

The limitation of the succession of property or title to male descendants

tail-off British & World English

A decline or gradual reduction in something

tail race British & World English

A fast-flowing stretch of a river or stream below a dam or watermill

tail skid British & World English

A support for the tail of an aircraft when on the ground

tail-walk British & World English

(Of a fish) move over the surface of water by propulsion with the tail

turn tail British & World English

Turn round and run away

fee tail New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

tenure in land with restrictions about whom it may be willed to

tail end New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen when attributive)

brown-tail British & World English

A white European tussock moth with a tuft of brown hairs on the tip of the abdomen. The caterpillars have severely irritant hairs that can produce an allergic reaction, overwinter in a communal web, and can be a pest of tree foliage

hare's-tail British & World English

A Mediterranean grass with white silky flowering heads and woolly grey-green leaves

mare's tail British & World English

A widely distributed water plant with whorls of narrow leaves around a tall stout stem

racket-tail British & World English

A South American hummingbird with long racket-shaped tail feathers

shirt tail British & World English

The lower, typically curved, part of a shirt which comes below the waist

tail covert British & World English

(In a bird’s tail) each of the smaller feathers covering the bases of the main feathers

tail light British & World English

A red light at the rear of a motor vehicle, train, or bicycle

tail rhyme British & World English

A rhyme involving couplets, triplets, or stanzas, each with a tag or additional short line

tail rotor British & World English

An auxiliary rotor at the tail of a helicopter designed to counterbalance the torque of the main rotor

tail slide British & World English

A backward movement of an aircraft from a vertical stalled position

yellow-tail British & World English

A white tussock moth with a tuft of yellow hairs on the tip of the abdomen. The caterpillars have irritant hairs and can be a pest of fruit trees

dragon's tail British & World English

The descending or south node of the moon’s orbit, used in drawing up an astrological chart

lizard's tail British & World English

A North American bog plant with long tapering spikes of fragrant white flowers

rooster tail British & World English

The spray of water thrown up behind a speedboat or surfboard

tail feather British & World English

A strong flight feather of a bird’s tail

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