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tangle1 British & World English

Twist together into a confused mass

tangle2 British & World English

Any of a number of brown seaweeds, especially oarweed

tangle English Thesaurus

Miles found himself tangled in coils of rope

blue-tangle British & World English

The dangleberry, Gaylussacia frondosa (family Ericaceae), a shrub of eastern North America which yields an edible blue berry.

shin-tangle British & World English

A dense growth of shrubs and other plants, especially under trees in woodland; undergrowth

neurofibrillary tangle British & World English

An accumulation of twisted and distorted neurofibrils found within neurons, especially as a feature of Alzheimer's disease and certain other neurological disorders.

tangle with in tangle1 British & World English

Become involved in a conflict or fight with