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tap1 British & World English

A device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled

tap2 British & World English

Strike with a quick light blow or blows

on tap British & World English

Ready to be poured from a tap

tap-in British & World English

A relatively gentle close-range kick or tap that scores a goal

bib tap British & World English

Another term for bibcock.

screw tap British & World English

A tool for making female screws

tap dance British & World English

A dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels

tap pants British & World English

A pair of brief lingerie shorts, usually worn with a camisole top

tap shoe British & World English

A shoe with a specially hardened sole or attached metal plates at toe and heel to make a tapping sound in tap dancing

tap water British & World English

Water from a piped supply

mixer tap British & World English

A tap through which both hot and cold water can be drawn at the same time by means of separate controls

spinal tap British & World English

North American term for lumbar puncture.

tap changer British & World English

An apparatus for changing the connection to an electrical transformer from one tap to another, so as to vary the turns ratio and hence control the output voltage under a varying load

tap penalty British & World English

A penalty taken by kicking the ball lightly to a teammate

on tap in tap1 British & World English

Ready to be poured from a tap

tap someone up in tap2 British & World English

Approach (a sports player) unlawfully with a view to signing them to another club while they are still under contract with their current one

taproom British & World English

A room in which alcoholic drinks, especially beer, are available on tap; a bar in a pub or hotel

taproot British & World English

A straight tapering root growing vertically downwards and forming the centre from which subsidiary rootlets spring

tap something out in tap2 British & World English

Produce (a rhythm) with a series of quick light blows on a surface

taphouse British & World English

A place where alcoholic drinks, especially beer, were available on tap; a public house

tap1 English Thesaurus

she turned the cold tap on full

tap2 English Thesaurus

she tapped on Lucy's door

tap English-Spanish


tap dance New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen as verb)

tap into English-Spanish

sacar* provecho de, aprovechar, explotar

tap dance English-Spanish

claque masculine, tap

tap shoe English-Spanish

zapato, zapato, zapato

tap dancer English-Spanish

bailarín, -rina masculine, feminine de claqué orMexico/México de tap orSouthern Cone/Cono Sur de zapateo americano

tap dancing English-Spanish

claqué masculine, tap, zapateo masculine americano Southern Cone/Cono Sur

telephone tap English-Spanish

to put a telephone tap on sb's line

tap into English-Spanish

sacar* provecho de, aprovechar, explotar

on tap in tap1 English Thesaurus

there are about half a dozen beers on tap

to tap sb for sth English-Spanish

intentar sacarle algo a algn

a gentle tap in gentle English-Spanish

un golpecito suave

to run sth under the tap in run English-Spanish

hacer* correr agua sobre algo

to turn the tap on/off in tap English-Spanish

abrir*/cerrar* la llave (

to tap in a command/code in tap English-Spanish

teclear una orden/un código

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