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tart1 British & World English

An open pastry case containing a sweet or savoury filling

tart2 British & World English

A woman who dresses or behaves in a way that is considered tasteless and sexually provocative

tart3 British & World English

Sharp or acid in taste

tart oneself up in tart2 British & World English

Dress or make oneself up in order to look attractive

sand tart British & World English

another term for sandy.

rate tart British & World English

A person who switches from one credit card or mortgage provider to another in order to take advantage of special introductory offers

butter tart British & World English

A tart with a filling of butter, eggs, brown sugar, and, typically, raisins

Bakewell tart British & World English

A baked open pie consisting of a pastry case lined with jam and filled with almond sponge cake

treacle tart British & World English

A pastry tart with a filling made from golden syrup and breadcrumbs

tart about or around in tart2 British & World English

(Especially of a girl or woman) behave in a provocative or flamboyant way

tart something up in tart2 British & World English

Improve the appearance of something, typically in a way regarded as flashy or superficial

tart1 English Thesaurus

a jam tart

tart2 English Thesaurus

she was a tart I had picked up on a street corner

tart3 English Thesaurus

cook a few tart apples

tart English-Spanish

tarta f, kuchen mChi

tart up English-Spanish

acicalar, emperifollar

treacle tart in treacle English-Spanish

tarta f de melaza