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taxation British & World English

The levying of tax

taxation English-Spanish

impuestos, cargas

double taxation English-Spanish

doble tasación

direct taxation in direct English-Spanish

impuestos, tributación

to reduce/increase taxation in taxation English-Spanish

reducir*/aumentar los impuestos

the level of taxation is too high in taxation English-Spanish

los impuestos son demasiado altos

they did a U-turn on taxation in U-turn English-Spanish

dieron un giro de 180° en materia de impuestos

to be subject to/exempt from taxation in taxation English-Spanish

estar* sujeto al/exento del pago de impuestos

we are groaning under the burden of taxation in groan English-Spanish

estamos agobiados por la carga fiscal

they have promised to reduce taxation across the board in board English-Spanish

han prometido una reducción general de impuestos