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taxis British & World English

The restoration of displaced bones or organs by manual pressure alone

taxis in taxi British & World English

A motor vehicle licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare and typically fitted with a taximeter

water taxi British & World English

A small motor boat for transporting paying passengers on rivers, canals, etc.

piquera de taxis in piquera Spanish-English

taxi stand, taxi rank

taxis ply for business at the airport in business English-Spanish

taxis ofrecen sus servicios en el aeropuerto

por la noche los taxis cobran una tarifa más alta in tarifa Spanish-English

taxis charge a higher rate at night, taxis put their fares up at night

have you seen any taxis? — yes, I saw some near the station in some English-Spanish

¿has visto algún taxi? — sí, vi algunos cerca de la estación