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tear1 British & World English

Pull (something) apart or to pieces with force

tear2 British & World English

A drop of clear salty liquid secreted from glands in a person’s eye when they cry or when the eye is irritated

tear1 English Thesaurus

I tore up the letter

tear2 English Thesaurus

tears ran down her cheeks

drag ass British & World English

Hurry or move fast

cut something to ribbons British & World English

Cut (or tear) something so badly that only ragged strips remain

tear duct British & World English

A passage through which tears pass from the lachrymal glands to the eye or from the eye to the nose

tear gas British & World English

Gas that causes severe irritation to the eyes, chiefly used in riot control to force crowds to disperse

tear-off British & World English

Denoting something that is removed by being torn off, typically along a perforated line

tear-jerker British & World English

A sentimental story, film, or song, calculated to evoke sadness or sympathy

tear sheet British & World English

A page that can be or has been removed from a newspaper, magazine, or book for use separately

tear oneself away British & World English

Leave despite a strong desire to stay

tear one's hair out British & World English

Feel extreme desperation

tear someone/thing apart British & World English

Destroy something, especially good relations between people

tear someone/thing down British & World English

Demolish something, especially a building

wear1 British & World English

Damage or deterioration sustained from continuous use

tear someone/thing to pieces British & World English

Criticize someone or something harshly

tear someone/thing to shreds British & World English

Criticize someone or something aggressively

tearaway British & World English

A person who behaves in a wild or reckless manner

teardown British & World English

An act of completely dismantling something

crocodile tears British & World English

Tears or expressions of sorrow that are insincere

tear into someone in tear1 English Thesaurus

their tyrannical father tore into all of his sons

tear something down in tear1 English Thesaurus

they tore down the old barn

tear/pull someone/something to pieces in piece English Thesaurus

theatre critics would tear the production to pieces

tear someone off a strip in tear1 English Thesaurus

we are more at ease tearing our partner off a strip than telling them how much we value them

tear someone/thing to shreds in shred British & World English

Criticize someone or something aggressively