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technique British & World English

A way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure

technique English Thesaurus

different techniques were developed for dealing with the problem

mixed technique British & World English

A painting technique in which tempera and oil-resin paints are combined or overlaid.

panel technique British & World English

The procedures or methodology of panel studies.

replica technique British & World English

A method which involves the production of a replica for examination or comparison; specifically a method of using thin plastic film to produce a cast of an etched surface for subsequent examination with an electron microscope.

salami technique British & World English

A way of carrying out a plan by means of a series of small or imperceptible steps; specifically (originally US) a type of computer fraud in which small amounts of money are transferred from numerous customer accounts into an account held under a false name.

Delphi technique British & World English

A method of group decision-making and forecasting that involves successively collating the judgments of experts

relaxation technique British & World English

An exercise or procedure intended to have a calming or relaxing effect, such as meditation, massage, etc.

Alexander technique British & World English

A system designed to promote well-being by retraining one’s awareness and habits of posture to ensure minimum effort and strain

programme evaluation and review technique British & World English

A network analysis technique which is used to determine the time it will take to complete a complex process

Marchi technique in Marchi British & World English

Attributive and (now rarely) in the genitive. Designating a method of fixing and staining nerve tissue to identify degenerating myelin, which is selectively stained black; especially in Marchi method, Marchi technique. Also: designating the combination of reagents (a solution of potassium bichromate and osmium tetroxide) employed in this method.

emplecton technique in emplecton British & World English

Chiefly with reference to Greek and Roman architecture: a method of building or type of masonry consisting of a double external wall of close-fitting stonework or brickwork, with a core of rubble and mortar or rubble and clay, sometimes also incorporating cross walls or blocks used for reinforcement and to bind the faces together. Also: the infill of such a wall. Frequently attributive, as emplecton technique,emplecton work, etc.