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technology British & World English

The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry

push technology British & World English

A service in which the user downloads software from a provider which then continually supplies information from the Internet in categories selected by the user

high technology British & World English

Advanced technological development, especially in electronics

low technology British & World English

Less advanced or relatively unsophisticated technological development or equipment

green technology British & World English

Technology whose use is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment

technology transfer British & World English

The transfer of new technology from the originator to a secondary user, especially from developed to developing countries in an attempt to boost their economies

information technology British & World English

The study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information

intermediate technology British & World English

Technology suitable for use in developing countries, typically making use of locally available resources

City Technology College British & World English

(In England) a type of secondary school set up through partnerships between the government and business to teach technology and science in inner-city areas

voice recognition technology British & World English

The technology that enables a machine or computer program to receive and interpret dictation or to understand and carry out spoken commands

Massachusetts Institute of Technology British & World English

A US institute of higher education, famous for scientific and technical research, founded in 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

microtechnology British & World English

Technology that uses microelectronics

electrotechnology British & World English

The science of the application of electricity in technology

Echo Bay Technology Group in eBay British & World English

Buy or sell (goods) through the eBay website

technology English-Spanish

tecnología feminine

high technology English-Spanish

alta tecnología feminine

push technology English-Spanish

tecnología, webtransmisión

low technology English-Spanish

baja tecnología feminine

technology park English-Spanish

parque masculine tecnológico

alternative technology English-Spanish

tecnología feminine alternativa

information technology English-Spanish

informática feminine

technology transfer English-Spanish

transferencia feminine de tecnología

high speed New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen when attrib.)

to make advances in technology in technology English-Spanish

hacer* adelantos tecnológicos, hacer* avances en el campo de la tecnología

at the cutting edge of technology in cutting English-Spanish

a la vanguardia de la tecnología

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