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temporal1 British & World English

Relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular

temporal2 British & World English

Of or situated in the temples of the head

temporal English Thesaurus

the temporal aspects of church government

post-temporal British & World English

Situated behind the temporal region of the skull; specifically designating the uppermost bone of the pectoral girdle of most bony fishes, situated dorsal to the supracleithrum and posterior to the temporal bone of the skull, which connects the skull to the pectoral girdle.

non-temporal British & World English

Having no relation to time

temporal bone British & World English

Either of a pair of bones which form part of the side of the skull on each side and enclose the middle and inner ear

temporal lobe British & World English

Each of the paired lobes of the brain lying beneath the temples, including areas concerned with the understanding of speech

Lords temporal British & World English

The members of the House of Lords other than the bishops

spatio-temporal British & World English

Belonging to both space and time or to space-time

temporal power British & World English

The power of a bishop or cleric, especially the Pope, in secular matters

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