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tenor1 British & World English

A singing voice between baritone and alto or countertenor, the highest of the ordinary adult male range

tenor2 British & World English

The general meaning, sense, or content of something

tenor clef British & World English

A clef placing middle C on the second-highest line of the stave, used chiefly for cello and bassoon music

tenor bell in tenor1 British & World English

The largest and deepest bell of a ring or set

countertenor British & World English

The highest male adult singing voice (sometimes distinguished from the male alto voice by its strong, pure tone)

tenor English Thesaurus

the general tenor of his speech

tenor English-Spanish

tenor m

tenor Spanish-English


he sings tenor in tenor English-Spanish

tiene voz de tenor

tiene voz de tenor in tenor Spanish-English

he is a tenor, he sings tenor

a tenor de las fotografías in tenor Spanish-English

judging by the photographs

no other tenor can equal him in equal English-Spanish

es un tenor sin igual, no hay tenor que lo iguale

los devotos del famoso tenor in devoto Spanish-English

admirers of the famous tenor

se distribuyen al siguiente tenor in tenor Spanish-English

they are distributed as follows

a tenor de los datos disponibles in tenor Spanish-English

according to the available information

a tenor de lo establecido en el artículo primero in tenor Spanish-English

in accordance with the stipulations of article one

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