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terror British & World English

Extreme fear

the Terror in terror British & World English

The period of the French Revolution between mid 1793 and July 1794 when the ruling Jacobin faction, dominated by Robespierre, ruthlessly executed anyone considered a threat to their regime

holy terror in terror British & World English

A person, especially a child, that causes trouble or annoyance

terror-stricken British & World English

Feeling or expressing extreme fear

reign of terror British & World English

A period of remorseless repression or bloodshed, in particular Reign of Terror the period of the Terror during the French Revolution

antiterror British & World English

Denoting political activities or measures designed to prevent or thwart terrorism

terror-struck in terror-stricken British & World English

Feeling or expressing extreme fear

terror English Thesaurus

Ruth screamed in terror

terror English-Spanish

terror m

terror Spanish-English


terror-stricken English-Spanish


to rule by terror in terror English-Spanish

gobernar* sembrando el terror

the (Reign of) Terror in terror English-Spanish

el (Régimen del) Terror

they fled in terror in terror English-Spanish

huyeron aterrorizados

terror of the unknown in terror English-Spanish

terror a lo desconocido

her terror of her father in terror English-Spanish

el terror que le tenía a su padre

me da terror or le tengo terror in terror Spanish-English

it terrifies me, I find it terrifying

that child is a holy terror in holy English-Spanish

ese niño es el mismísimo demonio

to strike fear/terror into sb in strike English-Spanish

infundirle miedo/terror a algn

she's a terror for cleanliness in terror English-Spanish

es una maniática de la limpieza

she was transfixed with terror in transfix English-Spanish

se quedó paralizada de terror

reinaba un ambiente de terror in reinar Spanish-English

an atmosphere of terror prevailed

es el terror de la ciudad in terror Spanish-English

he is terrorizing the city, he is the terror of the city

es el terror de la carretera in terror Spanish-English

she is the terror of the roads

he must be a terror to work for in terror English-Spanish

tiene que ser terrible tenerlo como jefe

sembró el terror entre los campesinos in terror Spanish-English

it inspired terror among the peasants

she was the terror of her subordinates in terror English-Spanish

tenía aterrorizados a sus subalternos

su sola presencia les inspiraba terror in inspirar Spanish-English

his mere presence filled them with fear

he lives in terror of being found out in terror English-Spanish

vive aterrorizado ante la posibilidad de que lo descubran

to strike terror in(to) sb/sb's heart in terror English-Spanish

infundirle terror a algn, infundir el terror en algn

una sensación de terror hasta entonces desconocida in desconocido Spanish-English

a feeling of terror the like of which I/he had never experienced before

los miraba con el rostro desfigurado por el terror in desfigurado Spanish-English

he stared at them, his face contorted with terror

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