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text British & World English

A book or other written or printed work, regarded in terms of its content rather than its physical form

text English Thesaurus

a text which explores pain and grief

body text British & World English

The main part of a printed text, excluding items such as headings and footnotes

text wrap British & World English

(In word processing) a facility allowing text to surround embedded features such as pictures

anchor text British & World English

The text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and that can be clicked to open the target web page

plain text British & World English

Text that is not computationally tagged, specially formatted, or written in code

proof text British & World English

A passage of the Bible to which appeal is made in support of an argument or position in theology

text editor British & World English

A system or program that allows a user to edit text

text message British & World English

An electronic communication sent and received by mobile phone

text processing British & World English

The manipulation of text, especially the transformation of text from one format to another

predictive British & World English

Denoting or relating to a system for using data already stored in a computer or mobile phone to generate the letters or words a user is likely to enter next, on the basis of those that have already been entered

subtext British & World English

An underlying and often distinct theme in a piece of writing or conversation

urtext British & World English

An original or the earliest version of a text, to which later versions can be compared

text-hand in text British & World English

Fine, large handwriting, used especially for manuscripts

textbook British & World English

A book used as a standard work for the study of a particular subject