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thus British & World English

As a result or consequence of this; therefore

thus English Thesaurus

the alloy is highly reflective and was thus widely used for mirrors

thus English-Spanish

así, de este modo

thus far in thus English Thesaurus

thus far they had found nothing

thus fondly in thus English-Spanish

tan cariñosamente, con tanto cariño

I was only 17 and thus unable to vote in thus English-Spanish

solo tenía 17 años y por lo tanto

there has/had been no improvement thus far in thus English-Spanish

hasta ahora/hasta entonces las cosas no han/no habían mejorado

she refused, thus provoking a storm of protest in thus English-Spanish

se negó, provocando con ello una lluvia de protestas

thus far we have/had been able to proceed without difficulty in thus English-Spanish

hasta aquí hemos/hasta allí habíamos podido avanzar sin problemas

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