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timber British & World English

Wood prepared for use in building and carpentry

timbers in timber British & World English

A wooden beam or board used in building a house or ship

down timber British & World English

Fallen trees brought down by wind, storm, or other natural agency

tall timber British & World English

Dense and uninhabited forest

timber wolf British & World English

A wolf of a large variety found mainly in northern North America, with grey brindled fur

rough timber British & World English

Partly dressed timber, having only the branches removed

timber-frame British & World English

Denoting a house or other structure having a wooden frame

timber hitch British & World English

A knot used in attaching a rope to a log or spar

tall timbers in tall timber British & World English

A remote or unknown place

timber English Thesaurus

tenants had the right to cut standing timber

timber English-Spanish

madera fpara construcción

timber! in timber English-Spanish

¡cuidado(, que cae)!

timber-framed English-Spanish

con entramado de madera

timber mill in timber English-Spanish

aserradero m, aserrío mCol

timber merchant in timber English-Spanish

(comerciante, comerciante de madera

the timber trade in timber English-Spanish

la industria maderera

to be managerial/presidential timber in timber English-Spanish

tener* madera de directivo/presidente

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