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fast-talk British & World English

Pressurize (someone) into doing something using rapid or misleading speech

fast track British & World English

A route or method which provides for more rapid results than usual

fast forward British & World English

A control on a tape or video recorder for winding the tape forward rapidly

hold fast in hold1 British & World English

Remain tightly secured

a fast buck in buck2 British & World English

Easily and quickly earned money

fast worker in fast1 British & World English

A person who makes rapid progress or achieves results quickly, especially in love affairs

hard and fast in hard British & World English

(Of a rule or a distinction made) fixed and definitive

thick and fast in thick British & World English

Rapidly and in great numbers

play fast and loose in play British & World English

Behave irresponsibly or immorally

hold fast British & World English

Continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle

life in the fast lane in fast lane British & World English

An exciting and eventful lifestyle, especially one bringing wealth and success

handfast British & World English

Engage (someone) to be married

to be fast asleep in fast English-Spanish

estar* profundamente dormido

to break one's fast in fast English-Spanish

interrumpir el ayuno

to live in the fast lane in lane English-Spanish

vivir a toda máquina, vivir a tope Spain/Españacolloquial/familiar

to pull a fast one on sb in fast English-Spanish

jugarle* una mala pasada a algn, hacerle* una jugarreta a algn

he made fast to the jetty in fast English-Spanish

amarró (el barco) al desembarcadero

to pull a fast one on sb in pull English-Spanish

hacerle* una jugarreta a algn colloquial/familiar, meterle la mula a algn Southern Cone/Cono Surcolloquial/familiar

to observe the fast of Ramadan in observe English-Spanish

guardar ayuno durante el Ramadán

stand fast if they try to change your mind in fast English-Spanish

manténte firme si te quieren hacer cambiar de idea

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