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torpedo British & World English

A cigar-shaped self-propelled underwater missile designed to be fired from a ship or submarine or dropped into the water from an aircraft and to explode on reaching a target

Torpedo in electric ray British & World English

A sluggish bottom-dwelling marine ray that typically lives in shallow water and can produce an electric shock for the capture of prey and for defence

torpedo net British & World English

A net made of steel wire, hung in the water round an anchored ship to intercept torpedoes

torpedo boat British & World English

A small, fast, light warship armed with torpedoes

torpedo tube British & World English

A tube in a submarine or other ship from which torpedoes are fired by the use of compressed air or an explosive charge

Bangalore torpedo British & World English

A tube containing explosive used by infantry for blowing up wire entanglements or other barriers

torpedo English-Spanish

torpedo m

torpedo Spanish-English


nothing could turn the torpedo from its course in turn English-Spanish

nada podría desviar al torpedo de su trayectoria

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