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toxic English Thesaurus

they were killed by smoke and toxic gases

non-toxic British & World English

Not poisonous or toxic

non-toxic English Thesaurus

a non-toxic varnish

toxic waste British & World English

Waste, especially industrial waste, that is hazardous to human health or the environment and which requires special facilities for its disposal; also occasionally as a count noun.

toxic shock syndrome British & World English

Acute septicaemia in women, typically caused by bacterial infection from a retained tampon or IUD

toxic epidermal necrolysis in necrolysis British & World English

Necrosis and loosening or dissolution of cells or tissue; (Medicine) (in full toxic epidermal necrolysis) a syndrome characterized by extensive necrosis of the epidermis with blister formation and peeling that resembles scalding, typically occurring as an adverse reaction to a drug.

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