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trace1 British & World English

Find or discover by investigation

trace2 British & World English

Each of the two side straps, chains, or ropes by which a horse is attached to a vehicle that it is pulling

trace English Thesaurus

Police hope to trace the owner of the jewellery

leaf trace British & World English

A strand of conducting vessels extending from the stem to the base of a leaf

trace-horse British & World English

A horse put in traces to pull a vehicle

memory trace British & World English

A hypothetical permanent change in the nervous system brought about by memorizing something; an engram

trace element British & World English

A chemical element present only in minute amounts in a particular sample or environment

trace fossil British & World English

A fossil of a footprint, trail, burrow, or other trace of an animal rather than of the animal itself

trace mineral British & World English

A trace element required for nutrition

Natchez Trace in Natchez British & World English

A historic port city on the Mississippi River in southwestern Mississippi; population 16,413 (est. 2008). The Natchez Trace, which leads from here to Nashville in Tennessee, was a 19th-century route for riverboatmen returning north from trips to New Orleans