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tradition British & World English

The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way

tradition English Thesaurus

the Chancellor is, by tradition, allowed to bring alcohol into the House on Budget day

tradition English-Spanish

tradición f

a break with tradition in break English-Spanish

una ruptura con la tradición

hidebound by tradition in hidebound English-Spanish

conservador por tradición

the tradition lives on in live English-Spanish

la tradición sigue existiendo

the tradition lives on in live on English-Spanish

la tradición sigue existiendo

a long-established tradition in established English-Spanish

una tradición de mucho arraigo

a region rich in tradition in tradition English-Spanish

una región rica en tradiciones

his plays belong in o to the classical tradition in belong English-Spanish

sus obras de teatro se inscriben dentro de la tradición clásica

there is a strong nautical tradition in his family in nautical English-Spanish

hay una gran tradición marinera en su familia

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