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transport British & World English

Take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship

transport cafe British & World English

A roadside cafe for drivers of haulage vehicles

active transport British & World English

The movement of ions or molecules across a cell membrane into a region of higher concentration, assisted by enzymes and requiring energy

public transport British & World English

Buses, trains, and other forms of transport that are available to the public, charge set fares, and run on fixed routes

supersonic transport British & World English

A commercial jet capable of exceeding the speed of sound

transport English Thesaurus

the concrete blocks have been transported by lorry

transport English-Spanish

transporte masculine

transport cafe English-Spanish

restaurante en la carretera usado esp por camioneros

public transport in public transportation English-Spanish

transporte masculine público

air/sea transport in transport English-Spanish

transporte aéreo/marítimo

means of transport in transport English-Spanish

medio masculine de transporte

rail/road transport in transport English-Spanish

transporte por ferrocarril/carretera

now she has her own transport in transport English-Spanish

ahora tiene transporte, ahora tiene coche (, ahora está motorizada

the most common mode of transport in mode English-Spanish

el medio de transporte más usado

salesperson required: own transport essential in transport English-Spanish

se necesita vendedor: vehículo propio imprescindible

the village is not served by public transport in serve English-Spanish

el pueblo no tiene (servicio de) transporte público

the news sent her into a transport of rage in transport English-Spanish

la noticia la puso fuera de sí (de la rabia)