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trash British & World English

Waste material; refuse

trash English Thesaurus

the subway entrance was blocked with trash

trash TV British & World English

= trash television.

field trash British & World English

The dried or decayed leaves and stems of sugar canes.

trash rock British & World English

Any variety of rock music noted for its raucous sound or throwaway nature; specifically = garage adjective.

trash talk British & World English

Insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize or humiliate a sporting opponent

white trash British & World English

Poor white people, especially those living in the southern US

trailer trash British & World English

Poor, lower-class white people, typified as living in mobile homes

trash television British & World English

Television programming regarded as poor in quality, usually because it relies on sensationalism and titillation to attract an audience; especially a type of talk show in which members of the public are encouraged to discuss intimate problems in their personal lives.

poor white trash British & World English

Poor white people of low social status, especially when regarded as uneducated or uncultured. In earlier use, frequently in the language of African Americans of the southern United States.

trash and treasure British & World English

Second-hand goods, especially when sold for charity or at an informal market

Eurotrash British & World English

Rich European socialites, especially those living or working in the United States

cane trash in trash British & World English

The leaves, tops, and crushed stems of sugar cane, used as fuel