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trash British & World English

Waste material; refuse

trash talk British & World English

Insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize or humiliate a sporting opponent

white trash British & World English

Poor white people, especially those living in the southern US

trailer trash British & World English

Poor, lower-class white people, typified as living in mobile homes

Eurotrash British & World English

Rich European socialites, especially those living or working in the United States

cane trash in trash British & World English

The leaves, tops, and crushed stems of sugar cane, used as fuel

trash English Thesaurus

the subway entrance was blocked with trash

trash English-Spanish

basura f

white trash English-Spanish

basuraobreros de raza blanca que habitan la zona industrial del sur del país

white trash in trash English-Spanish

blancos pobres del sur de los EEUU

trash compacter in trash English-Spanish

triturador m de basura

stop talking trash! in trash English-Spanish

¡deja de decir estupideces!

when they tell me I write trash, I cry all the way to the bank in bank English-Spanish

cuando me dicen que escribo basura, me río pensando en mis regalías