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trend British & World English

A general direction in which something is developing or changing

on-trend British & World English

Very fashionable

trend line British & World English

A line indicating the general course or tendency of something, e.g. a geographical feature or a set of points on a graph

uptrend British & World English

An upward tendency, especially a rise in economic value

trendsetter British & World English

A person who leads the way in fashion or ideas

trendspotter British & World English

A person who identifies or predicts new trends in fashion, culture, etc.

trend English Thesaurus

an upward trend in unemployment

trend English-Spanish

tendencia f

trend-watcher English-Spanish

cazatendencias mpersona que predice la tendencia de la moda, en los negocios etc

the graph shows a declining trend in decline English-Spanish

el gráfico muestra una tendencia decreciente

that's the general trend among young people in trend English-Spanish

esa es la tónica general entre los jóvenes

this trend is already visible in many European countries in visible English-Spanish

esta tendencia ya es manifiesta en muchos países europeos

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