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trust British & World English

Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something

trust English Thesaurus

a relationship built on mutual trust and respect

blind trust British & World English

A trust independently administering the private business interests of a person in public office to prevent conflict of interest

trust deed British & World English

A deed of conveyance creating and setting out the conditions of a trust

trust fund British & World English

A fund consisting of assets belonging to a trust, held by the trustees for the beneficiaries

unit trust British & World English

A trust formed to manage a portfolio of stock exchange securities, in which small investors can buy units

brains trust British & World English

A group of experts who give impromptu answers to questions in front of an audience or on the radio

trust company British & World English

A company formed to act as a trustee or to deal with trusts

hospital trust British & World English

(In the UK) a National Health Service hospital which has opted to withdraw from local authority control and be managed by a trust instead

National Trust British & World English

A trust for the preservation of places of historic interest or natural beauty in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, founded in 1895 and supported by endowment and private subscription. The National Trust for Scotland was founded in 1931

trust territory British & World English

A territory under the trusteeship of the United Nations or of a state designated by them

investment trust British & World English

A limited company whose business is the investment of shareholders' funds, the shares being traded like those of any other public company

trust corporation British & World English

A corporation empowered to act as a trustee, provided that it is a registered company which satisfies certain conditions

trust someone/thing to in trust British & World English

Commit someone or something to the safekeeping of

trust to in trust British & World English

Place reliance on (luck, fate, or chance)

cestui que trust British & World English

The beneficiary of a trust

discretionary trust British & World English

A trust in which the number of shares of each beneficiary are not fixed by the settlor in the trust deed, but at the discretion of the trustees

trust fund baby British & World English

A person, typically a young adult, who is independently wealthy and does not need to work to earn a living

trust someone to —— British & World English

It is characteristic or predictable for someone to act in the specified way

trust someone with in trust British & World English

Allow someone to have, use, or look after (someone or something of importance or value) with confidence

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