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turbo- British & World English

Having or driven by a turbine

turbo British & World English

short for turbocharger.

Turbo in turban British & World English

A marine mollusc with a sculptured spiral shell and a distinctive operculum which is smooth on the inside and sculptured and typically patterned on the outside

turbo diesel British & World English

A turbocharged diesel engine

turbofan British & World English

A jet engine in which a turbine-driven fan provides additional thrust

turbojet British & World English

A jet engine in which the jet gases also operate a turbine-driven compressor for compressing the air drawn into the engine

turboboost British & World English

The increase in speed or power produced by turbocharging a car’s engine or, specifically, when the turbocharger becomes activated

turbocharge British & World English

Equip (an engine or vehicle) with a turbocharger

turboprop British & World English

A jet engine in which a turbine is used to drive a propeller

Turbo sarmaticus in ollycrock British & World English

A periwinkle-like mollusc which is eaten as seafood and used as bait

turbo English-Spanish

turbocompresor masculine, turbo masculine

turbo Spanish-English


turbo- Spanish-English


motor turbo in turbo Spanish-English

turbocharged engine

se turbó ante tantos elogios in turbar Spanish-English

such praise confused and embarrassed him

la besó en la mejilla y se turbó in turbar Spanish-English

he kissed her on the cheek and she was thrown into confusion